Esko Visualizer

Ryan Donahue

New member
Does anyone else use Esko Visualizer? Two questions: 1. I'm trying to make my box turn 'upright' since it imports art 'laying down' no matter what I do. 2. Can I export a QTVR to Windows format?

Do you have the Esko standalone app called "Studio Toolkit"?

If so, you can edit the orientation of the collada file in it.

Otherwise, if you have Studio Toolkit for Boxes and the CAD file or drawing, you can refold the box and select a different panel as the base.


Active member
How have your created the box? If your using Studio plugin you select the panel which is the base when your creating it.
1. start with your die
2. select the folds
3. select base
4. auto fold then check the angles it has chosen
5. refine the angles e.g internal flaps at extra degree so are inside and don't conflict/occupy the same space as the outside flap.
6. Add graphics and export to Visualiser.

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