Expert Qualifications

Oh how I love the perception that people have about you. But some people just don't get it in life sometimes. . . .Perception is a fickle creature.

Seems to be a problem these days. I see lots of young couples/families buying new houses cars then upgrading those with decks, stamped concrete driveways etc. Where do they get the money? We'll find out when interest rates go up. I look forward to getting a nice newer home for cheap at that time :)
Speaking with print shop owners and other business owners, they have trouble hiring people for junior positions because 1) many seem adverse to technical/manual work; 2) they want a top salary to start. At the age that some are buying houses these days, I was more concerned with putting 5 bucks together to buy a nickle bag. Remember nickle bags & dime bags! Way more fun than a house
At some point I expect all will even itself out. Let's hope.
What is it with Ad Agencies? I've dealt with many, not by choice. Have spent the past couple weeks dealing with one. Zero knowledge but tons of attitude and ongoing harassment & anxiety. So far I've done 2 jobs for them. Both screwed up. Their fault, but has ended up costing me.

Your answer is in the question. "Zero knowledge" but plenty of bluster.

What is the nature of advertising? Gently put, advertising is simply bluster to overwhelm people's present behavior.

A word to the wise: if you must deal with ad agencies, mark up your costs AT LEAST 80% on the jobs you'd like to make money on. (As opposed to the freebies and the favors.) You may think you're making money at lower markups, but all you need is one tempestuous ninny-fit and you're in the red for 4 jobs afterwards.


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