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Hi all,

We purchased two machines, a Fastbind Casematic and Fastbind Perfect Binder (Secura) but then ended up outsourcing our binding needs (yeah, I wish we had thought of that before purchasing the machines!). These two machines are unused, essentially brand new except for the few sample books made for us by the salesman.

Any interested parties out there or know of anyone who might be interested? Willing to hear any offers. We're located in Toronto, Canada but will ship anywhere.

Secura: Fastbind Secura: Book Binding Machine, Bookbinding Equipment, Book Binding - Fastbind
Casematic: Fastbind Casematic Lite - Fastbind


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how much would those cost?
at the moment i'm checking the site videos to know how they work


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Buying Photobook equipment/used Fastbind Malaysia

Buying Photobook equipment/used Fastbind Malaysia

Dear all

Hi, i am from Malaysia and thanks to google i found this forum. We are looking into photobook equipment and this forum appeared.. :D

Are you sure your Fastbind is for sell? Do you deliver to Malaysia? We are looking to get one 2nd hand or used Fastbind to help us start the photobook business in Malaysia. Is your offer still valid? Can you deliver to Malaysia?

Just wondering is this original Fastbind from Finland? I heard a lot of nightmare about those China Fastbind copycats. Some claims that the china made has give them a lot of issues like aftersales service in Malaysia.

Do let me know if your offer is still valid and negotiable.


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