Fiery E-47b loses connection to Ricoh C5310


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Hi folks,

I understand fiery servers losing connection to machines is quite commonplace.

We have E-47 servers connected to C5310's. They're in a mixed use corporate repro which is also self-service when there's no operator around.

Due to Covid, often several days go by before anyone heads into the building. And the fiery servers often (but not always) lose connection.

Ricoh engineer says the solution is to do a daily reboot of the engines and servers. That's not always practical as there is not always an operator present.

We looked at whether we could schedule an automated reboot of both the printer and the fiery, but that does not work as the engine needs to be powered on exactly when the server is booting and displaying the bios screen.

So - over to you guys as to whether there is a clever way around this?

We are getting a follow-me system (on the pro and all other machines) to allow non-operator use by secretaries etc, and i think the simplest option for those users is to use the Ricoh internal controller to get around this booting issue, but the engineer thinks it's better for everything to go via the fiery. Thoughts?


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Try whitelisting EFI folders on the C:\drive in Windows Defender.
Thanks! The efi apps etc were already on there etc but have added the folders too on just one server, will see if it makes any difference compared with the other one


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