Fiery won't connect to V80

Just says "check power and cables". I am able to open a web browser and enter the IP and access the machine. When looking at the IP on the machine it has the correct IP. I do see that the Fiery Icon is not on the machine's screen, not sure if that matters. The tech had me initialize all of the nvm's on the machine and that is when the fiery icons disappeared from the UI.

All IP's settings are set to automatic. I compared the settings on the fiery to my other fiery on my versant 2100 and everything is the same. In my research I have found people saying to use the web tools to connect to the machine and click the "registration link" in the top right corner but there isn't anything like that available on mine. At the bottom there is a link that says "Versant 80" and when I click it, I get an error about "services unavailable".

I also wanted to reset the servers settings to the factory default, but that isn't an option either. Just a "backup" and a "restore" option. The restore option only allows me to upload my backup. There is no reset to factory default option.

Can anyone give some advice on this? Ive attached the server config.


  • Server Configuration.pdf
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Might be antivirus software locking down EFI executables. Look in your AV logs. Also look at Windows Event Viewer>Administrative events and see if there are EFI application errors at startup.


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If you have support from Xerox and their Level 2 can't resolve this, they should be able to open up a case with EFI. You may need to involve your sales rep or dealer if Xerox balks at bringing in EFI support.

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