GMG StarterKit for Epson 7890 BUT for Epson Driver


New member
Hi Guys,

I am looking for a GMG StarterKit for Epson 7890 BUT for Epson Driver. I do have a starter kit to be used with GMG driver - 8c - 720dpi and all the instructions that came with it.

I had no luck with Epson version so far and I was hoping that someone would be able to help me with it. I did manage to find starter kit for newer printers GMG-CP05_HowTo_EpsonSCP7000,9000_en.pdf which are still available online. I have also found this link GMG-CP04_HowTo_Epsonx900-Epson-Driver_en.pdf but instruction in this pdf differs from SCP series. I am using GMG ColorProof 5.3.

I will appeciate all the help I can get.

Best regards

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