Goss Community 4 High Registration Help


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We just brought online a Goss Community 4 High tower, we are experiencing plate cocking where the image is off up and down from one side of the plate to the other. The plates hang on the cylinder. Is there a way to adjust for the consistent cocking of the plate? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Hello "jg"

Are you referring to the " Mechanics of the Plate Clamps or Mis-register" ?? A picture would help ! or a "Better " description of the problem>

Regards, Alois
Hi Alois,

It would be the register of the plate where the register mark is on on one side up and down and the other side of the sheet the register mark may be either higher or lower indicating the plate is cocked. Our lock up style doesn't have the bar where you can shim the position of the plate up and down as it hangs on the press. Here are a couple pics showing the lock-up style and register. Note I'm not referring to fan out as my register issue.


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Hello "jg"

Hopefully this picture will be of help - Adjustment Screws on "Gear Side and Work Side" of the Plate cyl.

Regards, Alois

Plate Clamp Adjustment (Cocking)049.jpg
So this adjustment will work on my style of lock-up? My plate hangs on the cylinder edge, this picture looks like the wide gap lock-up, mine is the narrow gap.
Hello jg,

Fundamentals: The Goss Community Press is not equipped with a Plate Cyl. Cocking Mechanism.

So the only means of "Cocking" is via the plate clamps. The pictures I posted are from early versions of the Press.

1) Show closeup pics. of the plate clamps minus the plate - Full View and both ends of the cyl. - GS/WS

2) Do you have any spares for the press? if so look for "Plate Clamp Assembly"

Regards, Alois

(Cocking) the Plate 050.jpg
This is the older style with the tail bar. What I have is different, it doesn't have the jack screw etc. So in event that the plates are off in a screwed way what do folks do to correct this problem?
Hello jg,

Show us close-up pictures of your Press Plate Clamps - minus the plate 1) Full Length view and the G/S -- W/S end views.

Regards, Al;ois
Older style plate lock up you could cock plate with adjustments ,I am guessing your on a newer goss?


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