GUI for CTP Suprasetter


New member
My greetings.
I wonder if I can somewhere get one of the latest versions of GUI for CTP Suprasetter A74. I was searching quite hardly to find anything on this question but to no avail.
Please, if you have any hints whether it will be a place where I can get one or the fact that its impossible to update them manually at all - tell me, it will be very helpful.
There are 5 different machine types of Suprasetter 74/75, and thus 5 different GUI versions. Which version do you have currently? Depending on that, I can look up the newest version for your model.
Alguém pode me mostrar um passo a passo para fazer a instalação do ctp suprasetter a52/75... Comprei um servidor novo e gostaria de instalar nesse servidor o ctp...mas não estou conseguindo fazer o alguém me puder ajude agradeça

Email [email protected]


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