Heidelberg delivery fan speed not working


New member
Anyone know what part would cause our 2007 Heidelberg SM102 to lose control of the speed of our fans in the delivery? They seem to be just wide open and won't slow unless you switch them off.
Hi sir:

Look for POT if are clean or loose wires, or defective!!

2) If are o,k look for the Output of voltage in the speed control Fan motors, are the voltage in tolerance?? the tolerance must be : 0.7% up or down, otherwise is defective.

3) Finally test the motor, if are o,k or dirty, or loose wires, or defective if them, interchange for Test,

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I thank you for your help Chock. I will check the tolerance as soon as I get a chance, which will probably be this Sat or Sunday. Because the bosses won't be there that want us to run no matter what lol. Thanks again.
Thank you for the interest, but no I haven't. Around the time I posted about it. We went on 7 days a week for a month which just recently ended. We have slowed down. But really haven't had any time to do maintenance. Thanks again Chock!


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