Heidelberg SM-52 Actual Electrical Power Draw


I'm looking for someone that has a Heidelberg SM-52 with a coating unit that can tell me the actual amperage draw from the machine when it's running. Preferrably a SM-52-5-P+L, but really any 4 or 5 color with a coating unit.

I need to find out the actual draw at the electrical panel when the machine is running with the hot air knives and IR running.

I have what Heidelberg shows in the manual, but I am most interested in the actual draw. We did a test on a SM-52-5-H, which draws about 30 KW, and the book says 50.5.


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Welll you can calculate the Ampers very easy: I: kw/Volts = Example 30.000/380Vca=79 Amps aprxo in other words more higher Volts the
Amps is less if you using 440Vca=68amps
However the most practical test is use: Clamp amperimeter and measure the 3 ac phases, in order to get the Ampers that any cables conducts in the wires. You will have very conclusive ACTUAL draw of the unit .
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