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I'm hoping I posted this in the best place. If not I can post or hopefully get it moved to the right spot.

My family runs a small paint factory and store. We purchase our labels preprinted with everything that can be preprinted and then we have used a variety of machine to print the final details onto the labels before they are applied. Being a small operation labels are applied by hand and we get our labels from our supplier already cut to size in reams of 500.

We are currently having a tough time with machines just not liking the label stock, main issue is double feeds and misc jams. Currently we have been trying a Ricoh C430dn printer. In the past we have used our copy machines to print labels, they have been Ricoh machines as those are what our copy machine guy prefers, we purchased off lease refurbished machines from him and a service contract for them to keep the machines running which has been working great. We started a new line that needed some color on the labels so we started using the color printer Ricoh and it's not working great.

So we need something to print our label's mostly black and white with some red required on our new labels. The details on our labels are as follows 70# C1S Label. they are 7.5"x21.5"

Our print runs are pretty small, anywhere from needing a couple labels to 200 as the labels are custom to the color and paint line as well as unique batch #.

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Hi Sniper,

Just Checking, is that a typo or are you actually printing 21.5 inch long labels?



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Not a typo. These are labels for 1 gallon paint cans. We use spray adhesive on the end and they overlap slightly. Still looking for a suggestion for a printer. Also, the main issue we are having might be solved another way. Since we are in a very hot and dry climate we are having a problem with the labels sticking together and double feeding. It seems to be caused by static electricity. What would be a good way to try and eliminate that?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Sniper2075

Ok, I suggest that you consider a purpose built system for label printing, roll to roll which will eliminate feeding issues.

If you were a client in my market I would suggest a Uninet iColor 700. The maximum printable area for a label on this machine is 8.24" x 52”.

You can see the product on their Website on the link shown below.

This may be more Printer than you need, but it will allow you to print all the colour labels you need including possibly upgrading/improving your Brand image by printing full colour pressure sensitive labels ( means they have pre-applied glue) eliminating the messy spray application of glue. You could also consider printing smaller pre-diecut labels if you don't need the entire length of 21.5 inches for the data you print on it, reducing your costs.

As an additional advantage, Uninet leases these printers, meaning that you should be able to write off the full cost of the machine against your gross income for a tax advantage. Of course check with your accountant first.

Leasing link is :

Fair Disclosure:
1) I sell these products in my market. (The Caribbean)
2) I normally serve the Commercial Flexo Label printing market.

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When you are choosing a label printer these things should be kept in mind:
  • Durability of print.
  • Speed of print.
  • Cost per print.
  • Size of label.


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