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We currently have two prepress workflows (RAMpage and Prinergy). Prinergy has become our workhorse, while RAMpage (10.5.0 build 43) is mostly used for legacy jobs that we occassionally reprint. When we were using RAMpage as our primary workflow, we were using EPS and OPI (ROOM).

We are now looking at ways to export/extract hi-res files out of RAMpage that can then be processed in the Prinergy workflow. I have tried Scitex CT, TIFF and PDF. The problem with Scitex CT is the file sizes are ENORMOUS. The problem with PDF is that the quality isn't the greatest (3600 dpi/1 anti-alias & 100 jpeg quality), and I am finding that spot colors are not holding (even after setting up a Spot Color library) with TIFF or PDF.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Have you tried DCS 2.0 export? If you don't have that option, see if RAMpage will give you a 30 day demo license.

I'm also wondering why a PDF raster file that's 3600ppi won't do the job....what's the quality issue?



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When I switched from a CT/LW workflow to Prinergy a few years back, I found it was easier to just re-process old jobs as regular new Prinergy jobs, even though we could import the CT/LW jobs.


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I think that the 3600 dpi PDF should be OK for all black jobs, but my problem is that spot colors do not hold.

I have not been able to figure out how to export a DCS file of already RIP'd data. We did not have a DCS device setup prior to these jobs being created, so when I go to "plot", there is not a DCS device to select. Any thoughts?

As far as re-processing the jobs, we have talked about that, but the "powers that be" would like to keep the RIP'd data intact, so that we don't open the door for any spoilages. Although, sooner or later, we will probably have to do this, as we are not keeping RAMpage up-to-date.