high speed wire/comb punch machines


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Hi folks,

I was hoping to get GBC punch units fitted inline on our new production machines. However, I'm told by at least one manufacturer that they won't support our required applications which include punching A5 tab sheets.

So I'm looking for recommendations or experiences with higher volume offline punching units with interchangeable dies.

So far I've found the following which look promising:

GBC AP2 Automatic Punch Machine

Renz DTP 340 A

Can anyone offer any feedback or advice? My only experience of electric punching machines to date is a GBC EP28 Pro. It handles volume well but it's a struggle to get the punch alignment to be bang on. More often the bottom or top punch hole cuts through the edge of the sheet.

Also - any recommendations for higher speed comb & wire bind spine closers?

Many thanks!


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