Plastic comb-bind closing machine recommendations? GBC PB2600 or similar


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Hi Folks,

We're getting two new Ricoh Machines equipped with GBC Ultra punch units with 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire and comb punch dies.

I want to upgrade our existing (manual) plastic comb closer, as it sucks. It's a GBC DB28Pro and I don't like it as the pins don't align very well. (GBC DB28Pro Comb Closing Machine - Comb Binding Machines | GBC) Particularly when binding documents of several hundred pages it becomes very fiddly and challenging.

One possible upgrade I was considering was the GBC PB2600 electric comb closer ( GBC PB2600 Electric Comb Closer | The Finishing Point ) does anyone have any experience of this or recommendations for a better machine?

Many thanks!


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