How to measure opaque white ink film thickness on balck colour paper


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Hi Guys
My new order is printing pantone pms on black colour paper . The previous jobs have to print opaque white ink on black paper and let it dry before print pms. How I measure and control opaque white ink film thickness ? I've Techkon Spectroden" Thank you for idea


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Measure the ink density of white just like any other ink, however, you want a lower value, maybe 0.20? Higher density means you have less white ink.
Offset litho is a very thin ink film thickness (IFT), maybe 1 micron (1um). So it won't be opaque, rather translucent. You may need multiple hits/bumps/plates or even passes. Opaque white is best if its done with UV dry trap, dry relief plate, or flexo anilox spot coating.
I would have ink company little joe proof Pantone color over white base over black paper to make sure you can get a color match.
Steve Suffoletto

Alois Senefelder

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Hello sornchai,

Measuring spot colours/PMS with a Densitometer is not ideal, BUT one method is to measure colour in question through each of the

Densitometer Filters Red, Green and Blue manually and use the one which gives the highest reading.

Regards, Alois


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very difficult to measure ink film thickness on the sheet. When we talk of ink film thickness it usually has to do with how thick it is on the rollers as measured by a Peto gauge.

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