HP Indigo Series 4 Press Reaches 1,000th Unit


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Ryan Printing—a New York state-based print service provider—is the 1,000th installation of the HP Indigo Series-4 press, with their purchase of an HP Indigo 12000 HD. The 12000 HD model has now reached 50 installations worldwide.

Related announcements include:
  • HP Easy Release ElectroInk for digital scratch-off applications.
  • HP Silver ElectroInk begins pre-beta customer testing for commercial work.
  • High opacity Premium White ElectroInk, now launching for certain presses.
  • Indigo’s Series-3 narrow-web label & packaging presses have reached 1500 installed units.
  • A new DFE—HP SmartStream Production Pro 7.1—supporting a fully automated workflow.
  • AAA (Automatic Alert Agent), a tool that scans every print and compares it to the original file.
  • Color Beat for automated color control.
“Supplying 1000 presses to customers in 65 countries is an exciting milestone,” Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo, HP Inc., was quoted saying.


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