HP Latex 310 Large Format Printer - $4,500 - Seattle, WA (West Seattle)


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HP Latex 310 Printer $4500

Purchase price new: $13,995 / Purchased 6 years ago. Still operates very well, like new. I used this printer to print removable wall stickers and wallpaper for 6 years. It has never sat for long without being used. I just installed new printheads and it prints beautifully. I am happy to demo it for you and give you an overview of how it operates. There are also YouTube videos that will teach you how to use it. This is an amazing opportunity for a print shop that is looking to expand or a startup.

•Prints come out completely dry and ready for finishing and delivery.
•Healthier printing with HP Latex - no special ventilation, no hazard warning labels or HAPs, nickel free
•This ENERGY STAR Certified printer meets strict energy efficiency guidelines and is EPEAT registered
•Produce sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high-efficiency curing, 6 colors, and 1200 dpi
•Six HP printheads provide 12,672 nozzles
•Six Colors plus an Optimizer-black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, optimizer
•Speed: 12m/hr (129ft/hr) indoor quality, 16m/hr (174ft/hr) outdoor quality

• Roll feed/take up reel
• Roll size 10"-54" wide

• 91"W x 33"D x 54"H


Input voltage 200 to 240 VAC


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