HYBRID Software Adds New Prepress & Eco-Friendly Features


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HYBRID Software—label & packaging software—has released PACKZ & STEPZ 8.5 PDF production editing software. This is a major release for both products containing new features & enhancements designed to meet the challenges of professional packaging prepress.

New features include:
  • Press View—instant views of how graphics & brand critical spot-colors are printed under various printing conditions.
  • Spot colors can be defined as named Pantone colors or the CXF standard.
  • PACKZ & STEPZ now support GMG Version-2 API for full compatibility with the latest GMG Open Color software.
  • Content XML—allows print shops to transform PDF artwork templates into standard XML.
  • PACKZ 8.5 adds tools to create Digimarc digital watermarks for new data insights & smart package recycling.
  • Verification tools in PACKZ and CLOUDFLOW, allow inspection of Digimarc watermarks within PDF editors & workflow processes.
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