iJetColor Envelope Printer


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We bought an iJet Envelope Printer last year and we really don't use it enough to justify the cost.
If someone is interested in purchasing it we are considering selling the unit (depends on what someone would offer us for it). Located in Phoenix, AZ.
It probably needs a new print head, we only use it a few times a month and mostly black and white for bulk mailers.
The printhead quality is just fine for our usage but if you're wanting better quality then you'd likely want to get a new one. It's an memjet printhead.

This is the version we have: iJetColor — iJetColor

Make us an offer.
Hi, how much are you looking to get and how many clicks are on it? I’m based out of Mesa
There's 48k clicks on it. We just don't use it very much which is why we'd like to sell it while it's still newish. We'd like to get $12k for it, we paid a little over $22k for it a year ago so we're just looking for half. Selling as-is where-is.
There is a brand new print head for it that I have not installed (and would likely not recommend installing until after moving it). It's got about 40% of ink left in all the tanks.
Hey Guys, in case anybody interested, I have I-Jet-color system for sale as well with PC, dongles, table, etc.
System is in Holmdel, NJ07733 but I can palletize and crate and ship nationwide.
$8500 or reasonable offer.


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I also have an iJet I'm looking to dispose of. It was purchased in 2019 but my predecessor did not know how to use it-I put it back in service 2 years ago and the click count is around 50K. Got new equipment and have other means for printing envelopes now. Located in Bradenton, Florida.


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