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i would like to hear opinions about impostrip
in large production processes

Is it possible to automate the creation of impositions 100%?
What input formats are supported?
What output formats?
Is it template-based?
Can all types of barcodes be created for binding control?

For the record, I'm not evaluating the product, I just want to get some real feedback

thank you


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Hola Xavier,

Yes you can automate 100% of your impositions, especially for book manufacturing. Depending on the types of products, binding method, batching and other conditions upstream (for example, using Enfocus Switch), you can automate most. Input jobs can be PDF or JPG and can also be driven by XML. The output format is PDF for the print ready files and also can be an XML audit and a JDF. Depending on the imposition style, it can be template (layout) based, dynamic layout or no layout at all. As we are working with ALL finishing equipment manufacturers whom are driving their equipement with OMR marks, barcodes and JDF, Ultimate Impostrip can of course generate all barcodes (39, I2of5, 128abc, DataMatrix, QR).

As you might know, our solutions already automate productions for book printing plants worldwide and are recommended by most manufacturers as the solution of choice.
If you need additional details, we do have local representation in Spain.
Ray Duval
raymond @ imposition . com

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