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Hi all,

I work in a legal environment where we have to regularly produce multiple volumes of binders (A4 and A5) containing legal documents (mostly duplex) separated by divider tabs. Total printing time is regularly several hours per run.

Most of the team do this manually (i.e. print the documents and then manually put into binders with bought in pre printed tabs). This is very time consuming.

A couple of years ago we upgraded our existing copiers to three KM c754e bizhubs. These are able to print onto blank tabs using fiery jobmaster. Myself and a couple of other colleagues have been using this method to automate the process of printing and sorting the binders, as it is faster and easier than doing it manually. However, the copier stops for several seconds when printing and inserting a tab and this slows the process down considerably.

We are now looking at the copier contract and the possibility of centralising the printing of the binders so that they are all done using the automated method. To do so we would need to significantly increase the print speed. The way I see it there are several options but I would very much appreciate feedback as I am totally self taught in this area and don't know a great deal about production printing.

I should also point out... The three copiers are in different buildings on site. They are also used for general office use. One copier is massively under utilised. And we often have to print sections of the binders in colour.

Option 1) replace the machines with a light production printer for printing the binders. Keep one c754e equivalent printer for general use, and replace the under utilised machine with a less sophisticated, cheaper MFC (to save costs)

Option 2) until the contract expires, relocate the underutilized machine to the same room as one of the others, to allow simultaneous printing. Replace the under utilised machine with a cheaper, less sophisticated MFC.

So any feedback on the above would be appreciated. We need to stick with Konica Minolta if we are going to replace mid contract.

Particularly I would appreciate recommendations as to models of printers that would be suitable (and not hugely more expensive than our current setup). I think we need to stick with colour machines as often the documents contain colour, and due to the nature of our workflow we don't look at many of the documents before printing.
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