INGEDE Symposium on ecolabels, changing quality of paper for recycling, recyclability on March 2nd ONLINE


2021-01-Symposium-Banner-E-800-2.pngIt has been a challenging year. A lot of events have become virtual, and this year it is no different for us: Our annual INGEDE Symposium will be online in 2021 on March 2nd.

The corona crisis has also affected the paper industry. But we are looking forward: The next important issue is our environment. How can print products be as environmentally friendly as possible, how can they be recycled as efficiently as possible? Representatives of the German Federal Environmental Agency and the EU Commission will outline how to achieve the actual environmental summit – the Blue Angel or the EU Ecolabel. Packaging is also an issue, with Ulrich Leberle from CEPI introducing a European Recyclability Method and Susanne Haase presenting the 4evergreen alliance.

A lot of products have not been printed any more, changing availability and composition of the paper for recycling collected from households and businesses. One block of the presentations will deal with sorting and the changing quality of paper for recycling – and introduce the future of automated identification of different papers in a sorting plant.

How can a printer be sustainable? Christian Aumüller explains his strategy in a keynote lecture, to be followed by presentations from Intergraf on trends in printed products, about mineral oils in printing inks, and research on UV inks, concluding with “best friends” paper and adhesives.

The current program (subject to change) can be found on our website, please register here for four sessions packed with up-to-date information! The INGEDE Symposium is the only annual international event covering all paper recycling aspects from printing inks to collection and sorting to deinking technology.

Stay healthy, we hope to be able to welcome you in person next year again!

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you and best regards from Munich

Axel Fischer
Details: INGEDE Symposium 2021 – Welcome to INGEDE


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