Interactive way for choosing separations in RIP to .. ticket


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May be my problem is quite strange and stupid but I'm looking for interactive way for choosing separations in Rip ticket when this RIP ticket is a part of workflow.

For me the question is to choose manually separations in file that I send to RIP - I clearly understand that workflow in AE is automatic way of processing files but unfortunately often my output files for RIPping need to be manually arranged for choosing only necessary inks that appear on my output device.

I didn'y find the way to do it. Any input would be appreciated.


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From Automation Engine, you can edit a ticket that is part of a workflow before launching.

From Illustrator/Deskpack, you can look at setting up Public Parameters to have control over which separations are sent to RIP.


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Rip to... ticket is not the first ticket in my workflow, it stands in chain after normalisation and in this case during editing ticket I can't choose separations, checkbox all inks is checked and gray.


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OK, this should help

Select a normalized file before editing the workflow. The rip ticket needs this in order to adjust the "all inks" check box.

1. Deselect the "All Inks" check box, you will see an ink list.

2. Control click anywhere in the ink list and select "Make Parameter Public". You will be prompted with two options. "Basic" or "Advanced". Basic will just prompt users to select inks. Advanced will allow users to remap inks, change angles etc...

3. Save workflow as public and this will now present users with the options to include / exclude inks

I attached a few screenshots


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