Intermittent Startup Issue with Man Roland 304P

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We have a intermittent startup issue with a Roland 304P,2001 . The problem has come up a few times (not at all regularly) and we would simply turn the press off and on again. It is only in the start up. Once the the machine starts it will operate correctly. The press has not printed for 6 months but we have been starting the press up regularly to turn it over and do maintenance. It has been the last few weeks the problem as come up and now it is happening all the time. If we leave the press for a few days and don’t switch it on it might start up correctly. It has been suggested that the main drive may need replacing or the ADAPTOR OF HARD DRIVES TO CF needs to be replaced. Has anyone come up with this issue before and is the replacement of the adaptor the solution? If the replacement adaptor has to be replaced has anyone got the part from a machine that has been scrapped for parts?

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Hi sir;
will be a good idea to make the following;
Perform a visual inspection : look for loose and broken wires, improperly seated connectors, loose or broken wires
misset switch, missing jumpers. and so on.
Chech for obviously damaged component(components burned or discolore due to overheating);
Dust + dirt + tear +wear

2) Reseating Boards and components:
Edge connectors are a common souorce of problems. Power down the system and remove the PC boards. Examine the edge connector
for contamination and clean with contacts cleaner contacts. Reseat any loose components such as scoketed ICs) . Reseat the
boards and power up.

Only if this 2 steps fail , you can try with the main motor, for Maintenance, in some motor shop repair.

Let me know, sincerely


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