Xerox Versant 2100 - Fuser/Print Quality Issues


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Hi there, we have a Xerox Versant 2100 which we are struggling to diagnose an ongoing fault with.
We have replaced the Fuser with a brand new Unit and are still getting the same issues and faults.

It often throws up error code: 099-339, 099-335, 099-399.

We manage to print one single sheet through, the second print them comes out as below (blurry) and the third worse until we get to the fourth where the machine then jams and throws up the error code.

The fuser belt often walks out of line - however the fuser has been replaced with a complete new unit and still walks out of line.
We replaced the Pressure Roller only at the start of the year and has not done a huge amount of prints so wouldn't understand why this would have suddenly gone.

Hoping someone has experienced similar and can help.

I don't have a 2100 but I did have this issue of the colors not registering correctly on my Versant 280. For the registration issue, check the white roller on the right side that rides on top of the fuser belt. Mine had a build up of crap on it from the fuser roller going bad. Clean it off if you see any type of buildup on it. If your fuser belt is riding too far to the operators side, it may be possible that the sensor wheel is not riding on the belt all the time. This would throw off the color registration too.

The walking could be caused if you didn't get the fuser belt assembly back into position with the belt in the middle. When you place the fuser unit back in there is a guide on the left side (operator side) that needs to be just touching the edge of the fuser belt. I know there's names for these parts but I'm not a tech, I just know what to look for after watching my tech fix these issues.
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There's a nylon gear assembly that strips out periodically on my V3100, which causes fuser belt issues, but not the registration issue you're showing. Part Number 007k98681.
This may be a bit more helpful. The guide on the operators side that I was referring to is called the heat belt position sensor assembly. Your belt must ride up against this sensor, if your belt is to far to the left (operators side) then the belt may be sitting on top of the sensor arm instead of ridding against the edge of the belt. The sensor assembly could be bad too. Repositioning the belt on the fuser unit prior to installing would be the easiest thing to try.

The roller that must ride on top of the heat belt (non operator side) is called the heat belt encoder. This is the encoder that was throwing off my color registration. It needs to be clean and running on top of the belt at all times.


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