KBA’s VariJET inkjet press–targeted to the folding carton market


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At Graph Expo, KBA introduced to the NA market the VariJET 106 hybrid, sheetfed inkjet press–in partnership with Xerox Corporation. This hybrid press is targeted to the folding carton market–integrating Xerox Impika® inkjet technology into a KBA Rapida® 106 press platform. Management pointed out that “25% of all purchases are made on the Internet & they all need boxes for shipping”–VariJET’s sweet spot.

VariJET can be configured with up to 7-colors and offers print speeds of up to 4,500 sph in 29.5 x 41.7 inches. Optional in-line capabilities include: coating, cold foil application, rotary die-cutting, creasing and perforating.

Established almost 200 years ago in Wuerzburg, Germany, Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) is the oldest and second largest press manufacturer worldwide. They dominate the packaging market, and over 50% of large format presses in NA are KBA’s.


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