KBA is now Koenig & Bauer


Staff member
Formerly known as KBA North America, Koenig & Bauer (US) is launching a global new name initiative at this year’s PRINT tradeshow (Booth 529).

Beginning last year with the commemoration of the company’s 200th anniversary, the global press manufacturer went back to its roots, returning to its founding name of "Koenig & Bauer". In a continuation of their rebranding this year, attendees will see Koenig & Bauer signage (US) proudly displayed at their booth, reflecting their international stature in the graphic arts industry.

On PRINT’s opening day, the company will be proudly receiving PIA’s prestigious InterTech Technology Award-2018 for its Rapida LiveApp. Dedicated experts will also be on hand during the show to discuss retrofits and upgrades. Among them, is Jürgen Gruber, who is overseeing RotaJET digital printing systems.

US President & CEO, Mark Hischar encourages show-goers to visit their booth, and “Meet the rest of our knowledgeable team, discuss current and future needs and enjoy a cold beer and a delicious German brat.”


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