Koenig & Bauer Unveils New Corporate Branding


Staff member
Koenig & Bauer US—formerly known as KBA—celebrated their new corporate branding for the first time in North America. Their new PRINT-18 booth was a busy centerpiece anchored by the firm’s impressive worldwide logo-—a large ampersand—conveying the link between the firm’s founding fathers as well as its strong connection with their loyal customers. K&B also hailed PRINT-18 Chicago as one of their best in years, with a laser focus on the commercial market.

Another popular show venue was the VR Experience, where attendees were able to see the Rapida-106 in action. Donning VR gear, attendees could virtually interact with the Rapida, poking their heads into the side of the press to examine the rollers with the press running. The booth’s bar also remained a popular spot throughout the 3-day event, serving German brats & cold German beer!

Koenig & Bauer was also presented with the prestigious 2018 InterTech Technology Award for their Rapida LiveApp—a smartphone app—that gives press operators the power of the press in their palm of their hand.


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