Knackered imaging drum or something else?

Running a booklet job on Saturday night, got some lines in the magenta drum. (I ran some 4 colour separations) and can see the lines on the magenta drum.
Job was needed urgently, and I had the luxury of designing the artwork too, so I introduced some intentional marks on the artwork to hide the drum issue.

Got the booklets ran, customer happy.

They ordered another 350 copies last night, and I ran the same artwork. Printed in 3 batches of 118 copies

The first batch 118 Copies had the drum lines on.

Then batches 2 and 3 of the 118 copies were flawless!! No lines

I'm running a Ricoh, I use digi papers.

Though, my environment probably isn't the best.

I'm thinking, the machine has got nicely warmed up, maybe some condensation has formed somewhere in the machine, and by printing nearly 500 clicks on the first batch, thats got it nicely dried out.

Anyone got any tips for running a digital production setup 'out of a garage?'

I've bordered and insulated the room out.

But, wondered if I might need to box off the machine itself and try and keep a much smaller area very dry and stable.

Thanks in advance



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Yeah, i'm thinking boxing just the machine, smaller area to keep the temp and humidity controlled in.
All good fun :)
What model machine? Some of them have anti condensation heaters that can be connected. Some also have settings that can be changed that will make the machine basically clean the drum when you exceed a set humidity level.

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