Kodak Magnus 400 - Motor fail

First, excuse me for my bad English, i'm french.
I use a kodak magnus 400 of the year 2007

When burning a plate, I had several problems.

The screen initially displayed a problem of pliers,
then a problem of balancing the drum,
then a state of error on the drum
and the last mistake is motor drum fail.

The messages did not all come at the same time, but as I went through my many tests.

With the "hardware" window, I tested the rotation of the drum (open hood). With this configuration,the speed is limited to 30 rpm.

So, I test the rotation of the drum at 30 rpm, no error message, but the drum does not turn.
When I test the moving of the drum to the initial position, I have an error message (motor drum fail).

Have you ever encountered this type of problem?

On the "Magnus Drum Driver Board", I found 2 fuses out of service.
I replaced the 2 fuses.
The machine no longer displays an error message at startup.

So I started a test of "find the weights"
The fuses are jumping again.



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You have short circuit in the area for the fuses,.
Need to eliminate , or if there in the electronic board, are short circuit components.
You have 2 options: 1) replace the completely board 2) or test if you are skill in electronic, to test the components electrics for to isolate and replace it.

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Angel Feliz

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If you are not skilled in electronics to repair the drum driver there are High possibilities that you must replace the drum driver.
All errors are related to the drum not been able to rotate because of the drum driver failure.

Good luck.
do not you think that the short circuit can have dust as origin?
tomorrow, I'll go dust off
fortunately we have nothing to produce at the moment, we are a high school, and currently, it's holidays in France!


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