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Magnus 400 - How to open Rear Door when power supply fails?

M. R. Horton

Active member
We have a Kodak Magnus 400 and it appears that the power supply is no longer providing power to the internal computer.
While we wait for a service man to call back/show up...we could do more troubleshooting if we could get the rear door open and remove the rear cover to test output of the power supply.
The problem is that while we can open the side doors, we don't know how to open the rear lid or the back cover without the internal PC operating normally.

Can you tell me how to open the rear door and/or remove the rear cover?

Thank You!

M. R. Horton

Active member
It seems there are two holes in the rear panel (upper left and upper right of the panel) that allow the insertion of an allen wrench or comparable shaft to force open the latches on either side of the rear door.
Magnus 400 doors have interlocks cutting off the power.
Opening covers on any CTP machines poses risk of radiation. The danger is greater with thermal lasers because radiation is invisible.
Protective eye-ware is a must while bypassing the interlocks.
Call me for machine specifics 773 545 7700.

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