Komori Lithrone 28 (1999) and CIP3


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Is anyone importing CIP data for this press and how are you importing it? I only see spots for a CIP card on the console or is this outdated?
Hi lostmind,

for the CIP3/PPF import and conversion to the Komori PQ4 file format, you can use the Komori PCC Windows application.
Thanks Martin:
So you'd have to create the PPF file from Prinergy and then convert it to the Komori PQ4 format? Do they even have CIP cards anymore or is the console usually networked?
yes, you have to create a CIP3 / PPF file out of your CtP RIP, your workflow or imposition app (Preps).
My Komori customers either have a network connection of the console PC system (Win), or the PQ4 data is transferred quite "nostalgically" using 3.5 inch floppy disks. ;-)


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