Heidelberg Presses & CIP3 Ink Data


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Hi everyone,

For those of you who have Heidelberg presses AND generate CIP3 ink data from your prepress workflow, what software do you use to process the ink data from prepress for import into your presses? I know of 3 products:

1. Prinect Pressroom Manager from Heidelberg
2. PressPercent from Excourse
3. PressProfiler from Prepress UK

Does anyone use #2 or #3? Your experiences good or bad?

Are there any others?

Thank you,
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Hi pd,

#2 and #3 are basically using the same engine from Excourse, but #3 has the more comfortable and flexible UI.
There are many software RIPs for CtP in the market, which generate CIP3 and/or proprietary file formats too (Harlequin, StudioRIP etc.)

Best regards
Hi Martin. Thank you for the reply. Do you know if #2 can generate the Workplace Interface File format which is the file format that Pressroom Manager generates after receiving the CIP3 file from prepress?

Hi PD & Martin,

Just tripped over this discussion so thought I'd fill in some blanks :)

While a small part of PressProfiler shares DNA with PressPerCent, PressPerCent has no ability to connect with Heidelberg presses from about 2008 onwards - those with PressCenter consoles. That's what PressProfiler does, and it's come a long way since you last saw it too Martin - it's now an Apple silicon native application which supports direct network connections to Press Center, Press Center II and Press Center III consoles including colour and job ticket serving. It has support for JDF/JMF and XML job ticket inputs to merge in data from MIS/ERP to significantly improve the amount of make-ready automation way beyond CIP3 as well as the ability to pull back press usage and productivity statistics from the press for use by our complimentary PressProfiler Report system. Plus, though I am biased of course, I do try very hard to make every installation solve as many problems for the printer as possible - the knowledge that comes from 30 years in the industry and the personal service I provide, I think hold a chunk of value too!

So your options for any Heidelberg from 2008 onwards are really 1 or 3 - and then of course a lot comes down to the commercial offer. PressProfiler is a one time buy for a lot less with no on going subscription, the alternative is subscription based and still has a signficant upfront...
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