Printing Press & Thermography Tunnel - Direct to Plate


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Selling my Itek 3985 2/Color twin tower printing press, 100's$ in ink and supplies included, scale for mixing your own ink, plates and plate punch ALSO, Thermography tunnel with ultra violet light and powder for raised printing. I will add more pics and video soon, everthing works perfect and is being used presently. Includes HP Direct To Plate system for the Itek. Contact me with interest, questions and any offers.
ALSO I will sell the thermography unit with the UV light and supplies by itself, just make an offer.
Wanna be a pressman - I'll train you! Call 4 four 0 3 five 3 three 3 0 one.
To be clear... you get...The Press - plate punch - TONS of ink - fountain solution - rubber rejuvenator - pms book - Scale for ink mixing - books and manuals. Direct to plate printer - computer - monitor - new toner cartridge - box of poly plates.
Thermography unit - UV light for letterheads - Lots of powder, fine and extra fine. There is more just too much to list. Press, raised print unit and DTP unit and computer needs nuthing, operate exactly as they should.Time for this old man to retire! Now including a FULL box of 10,000 imp plates.


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Last week I ran 500 of 4 raised print BC's Reflex & Black on Linen Stock 4 different names. I ran 1 ream of stock and finished it in 2 hours. The bill for that 1 job equals 1/2 of what Im asking for this equipment. The ONLY reason Im selling my only offset press is cause the new buyers cant run it and dont wanna learn. DUMB! Im still gonna run it till I walk unless it sells sooner.


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