Konica C3070 Pricing


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You're leaving alot of variables out. Which RIP? Embedded KM controller, Creo, Small Fiery, Big Fiery? What paper feeding? Just a bypass tray? Single High capacity drawer? Double high cap drawer? High cap 3 Drawer vacuum feed? And which finishing unit(s)? With or without decurling unit?


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Thanks for the reply. Just looking for ball park but if I was to spec it more precisely. High capacity feed (long version for landscape booklets), Booklet stapler finisher, Fiery IC-417 server, double high capacity drawer. No decurling unit.


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It illustrates the absurdity of asking for a ballpark price on something whose price can vary wildly from the bare model to the five times that price depending on configuration.
Yes but there's plenty of people here who may have bought same machine with xyz spec and they can give a rough figure for comparison.
Also, yes these machines come with a wide variety of options but quite often you'll find one setup in particular is the most common sold.
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IMHO the absurdity is in the pricing scheme of the manufacturers. I've got wildly different prices from the same manufacturer for the (almost) same configuration. The only variable was the time of the year. When they're under pressure from the mothership (eg. before closing of the 'books') at the end of August, they can offer very low prices. When they feel that you can be thrown over the wall like bullshit, you'll get high prices. Whenever they have too much of an inventory, you'll get low prices. And so on... This pricing rollercoaster alone justifies the validity of the 'ballpark' question.

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