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We are looking for partners worldwide to cooperate with b2c web2print solution. So let me introduce myself and our project.

First of all, few words about us. We are NOT software development company (or any kind of startup looking for somebody to sell or product, subscription, etc), we are digital printing house (not sure that these translation is the best, I am not native english, by the way - please forgive me for my poor english) for 14 years already. I am one of two owners and CTO of the company. Our company has 40 employees and 400 sq.m. office dedicated for digital sheet printing and full stack of posptress equipment. We provide service for both b2c and b2b markets.

We are looking for cooperation with our w2p solution that already in production in our company for two year.

Few specs:
  • Simplicity! There are tons of w2p solutions, that looks more or less like Adobe Creative Suite. In our project you need 1 click to select template, 1 click to upload photo, and that’s all - you can proceed to checkout! Of course we have options for custom photo cropping, to add caption, but these options are unobtrusive. They do not distract the attention of the visitor until they do not need them. Due to simplicity we have higher conversion rate, then for project monstrous (we also have one) online editors.
  • mobile browsers friendly (we have 20-25% orders from mobile devices, and 100%+ year to year growth)
  • output to PDF (backend generation)
  • multi language
  • Social networks (fb, instagram) integration to share user photos for product creation
You can check our projects on links below or you can watch a short screen cast on youtube

In Ukraine:

https://kalendari.fastprint.ua/en - photo calndars
https://fotoknigi.fastprint.ua/en - photo books
https://puzzle.fastprint.ua/en - photo puzzles
https://chashki.fastprint.ua/en - photo mugs
https://holst.fastprint.ua/en - photo canvas
https://vizitki.fastprint.ua/en - vizit cards

In Poland:

https://fotokalendarze.fastprint24.pl/pl - photo calndars

Our engine could be used for various product types, even more, than listed on the examples above.

What exactly we are looking for?

We looking for company or person, who interested to use our project on SaaS model. There are no subscriptions fee, no buy for billions of money, no fixed payments every month/year! Only some percentage from each order, that’s all. We can ask for some “pay in advance” to protect a little bit time we spent for proceeding our part of startup roadmap steps.

Here is a short roadmap for start:
  1. Content. We need to discuss - who will create content for project? There are two options. We can do these (prefered). We can teach how to do these. There are special online layout editor that is part of a project, where content (product templates) could be created.
  2. Landing page. We should create web page (like any of the demos above) for you.
  3. Shipping and payment plugins. Shipping and payment plugins depends on country and even region. We can create plugin for any shipping/payment service if it has public API.
  4. Sales. Оur new partner should definitely be familiar with what is promotion on the Internet, Google Analytics, AdWords, etc. This is required to make the project work. You need to ensure sales, without sales it's just a tool, nothing more.

Of course, each of these points requires a detailed discussion. So, if you interested, please contact me.

Armya Inc

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Hello! Could you please contact me at andrew_zol@cleverbrush.com? It looks like we're from the same country and doing complimentary things. I think we can make money together. I wrote to your support a week ago but there was no response.


I have never received or missed your email.
My email: farshad@army a services. com or +1(416)706-5473.


Armya INC .


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