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I would like to get any input you all might have on the low volume/quantity labels presses. We are a flexo printer looking for a small digital press for small size, small quantity items. These would be for projects that are too small for our flexo presses and they would be jobs that we just declined in the past. The problem with simply declining the jobs is lost/less opportunity for the larger runs down the line that they may have as they grow.

As of now we are looking at the memjet printers and are leaning towards the L801/VP700 (same press with different names from different vendors).

This press has a max size in the 8" range which should work for our application but this is as small as we would probably want to go.

Frontend RIP is a consideration although we are NOT looking for high end color matching. Ballpark will be close enough for these runs as that is how they will be sold.

Any input on this press, these vendors or small run digital in general would be greatly appreciated! Also any input on other presses we should be looking at please let us know. We have eliminated many for various reasons but would value input from the this community much more over random internet reviews.



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Label press. Remember that Memjet technology is aqueous based -- your labels will have difficulty with water resistance. However the printers are inexpensive -- less than 15k. Your cost per print for 4x6 labels iis going to be around .05 per label with these units as well.
Have you considered adding a 8" UV inkjet retrofiit sstem for your felxo press? You can install a system inline on your press and operate your press as a flexo/digital hybrid. The UV printing is waterproof and UV resistant as well. The price is greater than a desktop printer, but the cost per print would be nearly 10 times less. Look at the Amica Morpho


The memjet is a stop-gap. It is what it is, but will not keep up with your business for the long haul. The "desktop" label printers are a low-cost entry point and good for what they are but none are not a true industrial machine. Colors will shift as the print head(s) wear (this is true amongst every technology where the heads are replaced), and you will need somebody monitoring the printer constantly to avoid banding and clogged nozzles, etc. Depends if you want to save money by dealing with the compromises.
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