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Hi everyone,

For those who have an AntiVirus product installed on their Mac(s), I am curious which AntiVirus product you use and why (meaning, why did you pick one product over another)?



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I use Avast. It’s free and has been highly rated. Haven’t had any issues.


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I use Avast as well, because it's free. I've seen a lot of professionals recommend Kaspersky as well (don't be scared away by the recent news stories - an NSA employee took secret NSA-created malware home to work on his home computer that had Kaspersky installed and it vacuumed it up to analyze it and the government freaked out).

Having an antivirus installed is an easy and effective layer of defense. Mine has triggered on a few compromised websites before. Macs are no longer safe through obscurity like they once were.

Another important layer of defense is an adblocker - there are many "malvertisements" out there that can infect your computer without any interaction from you. Just by being on a website that has one of these can get you in trouble. They are delivered by 3rd-party ad networks that don't bother scrutinizing each and every ad they run. uBlock Origin by Gorhill is an excellent and still non-corrupted choice. A few other adblock browser extensions allow advertisers to pay to have their ads get through the adblock.


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I am currently using Avast as well. The price tag is especially nice ;-) The reason I ask is that since upgrading my Mac from El Capitan (Avast was already installed) to Sierra (not High Sierra), I now have a file copy problem and Avast appears to be the culprit.

DETAILS IF YOU WISH TO READ: Windows 2012 Server with Acronis Access Connect (formerly ExtremZ-IP) installed. Connect using AFP to an Acronis Share. I can copy a file to and from the share but I cannot copy a file between two locations within the share (I get a 'file in use' error on EVERY file I try). I contacted Acronis, they had me reset permissions and such but with no luck. On a hunch, I disabled Avast and the problem went away.
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I have not used an anti-virus program since 2003 on any of my home or work computers (~25) and have only had one issue, which was solved by a swift formatting of the HDD and reinstalling the OS. Adobe CC and the like makes formatting a breeze in my opinion, much less arduous than it used to be prior to 2010.

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