Mac drivers for Ricoh MPC6000


My partner is upgrading his Mac to Sierra 10.12 and according to our Ricoh contacts, our MPC6000 is not supported with drivers for this newer upgrade. It's an older machine but perfectly functional for our needs.

My question is does anyone out there run a Ricoh MPC6000 with the newer Mac OS and how were you able to configure or find a driver?

Thanks to anyone who might shed light on this subject for me.




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No answer for you, but do you need to print directly to the machine, does it have Command Workstation so you can just drag and drop PDF's?

You could try making a virtual machine for MacOS Sierra and install your print drivers there to see if they work, that is what I do with any big OS update from Apple.

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Thanks. Yes, these are the Ricoh drivers, but apparently now I'm told we need to go through the Fiery to maintain full functionality.
Yes that is true. However once a machine has a Fiery connected to it the original internal Ricoh controller is disabled for printing although it can still be used for scanning and copying.

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