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Larry G

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running a 360. Relatively new to this, still learning, but then probably always will be.

question: new account wants deposit slips. Will running magnetic ink adversely affect the press in any way?

Appreciate any input



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Hi Larry,

Welcome to the forum!

Short answer to your question is no, but just make sure you do a good washup whenever you use it to get it all out of the press.



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Welcome to the forum. Magnetic (MICR) ink should not affect you press at all. It runs just like any regular ink. Depending on the brand you use, they may recommend a certain fountain solution.
Magnetic Ink (MICR)

Magnetic Ink (MICR)

Where are you Located? I have been in the Printing Equipment Sales for over 25 years. A lot of that time, I sold Check and MICR printing, binding & testing machines. I have a very good friend that manufactures quality MICR ink here in the US. I know both of us would be happy to help you. All MICR ink is not the same.
Please contact me and I will help you. I might even be able to talk my friend into sending you a sample of his MICR ink.
I look forward to working with you.

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