White Ink Query on HP R1000


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Hi folks,

I have a client that wants an underflood of white ink on a graphic however they want certain parts at 30% tint of white and the rest at 100%.

I can easily have the entire underflood at 30% or 100% but my question is; can you have parts of the underflood white layer at 30% and others at 100% or is this not possible?

The print is on mirrored composite so effectively the 30% tint is a sort of "shine" letting the mirror through. I've attached a photo of a couple of samples on perspex I had laying around. These are all at 100% base layer. The look he's going for is that of an old Irish Whiskey mirror. Should look great once we get it right!

I'm using Onyx Thrive rip on an HP R1000 flatbed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know its a stinker of a question!

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 09.28.15.png
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It should be fairly simple to make a Spot 1 layer with those percentages of white in Illustrator.
Or have 2 layers - 1 at 30% and another 100%


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