Making plates on Xante Enpress/Platemaker 8 - not holding the images


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We have had the Xante Enpress for about 1 1/2 years. We bought it to print envelopes and make plates. It prints envelopes magically - but we still have been unsuccessful making plates. We currently use a Kimosetter 410, but we know that will soon be another extinct dinosaur.
The Xante makes the plates ok - looks good. But on the press the images break down in under a 100 sheets. We got the recommended ABDick pink fountain solution and tried many different amounts. We are using the Xante Myriad plates. Please let us know if you are successfully using the Xante platemaker and how do you make plates, what fountain solution etc? All advice and help would be appreciated!!
Thank you and Happy Weekend!


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I know you've already sunk your money into that machine, but we've had really good luck with a Speedsetter 300E that was refurbished by Erick from Pressman's Pride. I think we got the entire unit shipped to us for less than $8500 after taxes, freight etc. Got it back in 2018.

It produces a Silvermaster plate that lasts about 9,000 - 13,000 impressions consistently and the quality is basically out of this world. If you need troubleshooting, he will gladly provide support for you over the phone. He also sells the plate material for a great price.

Coming from using both a Platemaker 4 and Platemaker 5 (and an Eskofot 1740 before that), this machine is literally the best investment we have made in our offset department in the last 15 years. Our pressman hated the polyester plates with a passion. The screens and clarity you get from these plates is just stunning.

The plate is really the last thing you should have to worry about. Hope that helps.

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