MAN Roland 202 TOB stops suddenly while printing


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Hello, I have this problem and cant see what it could be . The machine just stops while printing, I have to turn off and on to continue printing.

Anybody has had something similar.. ?


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Hi sir:
See if the main switch Q2A28, has relais thermic, and adjust the Pot a little higher in Amps,
since this is most sensitive, can be a reaso for to Stop the machine while is running.
2) The electronic board with the Thyristor look for loose wires, dirty contact, or corroded contacts in the wires-connectors.
3) look if the voltage Vdc in the armature- of motor is o.k , otherwise measure the input of electronic board for 380Vaca or 415 or whatever voltages that you are using.
4) Finally see if the electronic board has dry+colder joints solder.

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We have this machine as Gega Machinery . We are selling them for long time but any of our customers mentioned about such problem.
I will talk with them and return you if I can find the solution.

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