Matt Beals


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Oh no, I am terribly sorry to hear this. Matt was an excellent contributor here and a terrific support person for Metrix. I always enjoyed working with him. He was smart, kind and empathetic. He was one of the rare, good ones.

Erik Nikkanen

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He posted a while back, I think it was on Twitter, that he had brain cancer and was going to fight it. I think I remembered this right. Sad for sure.


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Yes about a year ago he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He did radiation and chemo and I believe he had surgery as well.


Matt taught me a great deal about Pitstop, PDFs, and color management in my early days trying to figure it all out. Rest in Peace Sir!


New member
Matt was truly an outspoken member of our community - always making things better. Cancer strikes again - taking someone too soon from too many. Rest In Peace Matt!

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