MBM BC-12 - Paper Thickness?


I recently picked up a used MBM / Uchida BC-12 business card slitter because it seemed like it would be a better solution for handling the relatively low volume of business cards that I do. I have really enjoyed the machine, but whenever I use 100#c French Paper Co. (my normal BC stock as French is local to me here in Michigan) the paper gets stuck in the exit slitting cartridge. The first pair of cards get out with a little struggle, but the next two sets kind of "double up" and jam the machine. According to the spec sheet, the machine is rated for up to 350gsm so my stock should fit in there (though in the upper margin). 80# feeds perfectly, but is too thin for most of my customers.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for working with thicker stocks, or am I just out of luck with this machine?

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What about Profitability?
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