Mitsubishi Eco 1630 Type II v type III


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I am looking at possibly getting a used Mitsubishi Eco 1630, does anyone have an opinion if it is worth paying more to get a type III (7.0 rip) vs an older type II? We would mostly use it for fairly easy 1 or 2 color work on a Quickmaster 46-2 and ab dick 9810. ~ 30 plates/week.


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The Eco type II is an 1800 dpi and the type III/IIIR are 2400. They both will do the type of work you need. The main difference is the rip. The current Harlequin rip version is 8.3. The type II is probably version 5.3-6.2. If you doing all in house layout and design the old rip is OK. It you get a lot of customer supplied PDFs then the new rip would be better. You can also just upgrade the rip on the old model. The upgrade would be $1000-3000, depending on the current version.


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