More (sad) news on plastics


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Five G7 members signed on to a plastics charter to deal with the issue of plastic pollution of the environment. Two did not, Japan and, unsurprisingly, the US.


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I wonder if the Cockroaches of the future will look at the the strata of long chained poly-carbonates in the geological record like we look at the Iridium layer that marks the end of the dinosaurs and think....: "Maybe a Carboniferous asteroid hit the planet and ended the age of mammals.!"


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Judge not what ye may require more information about.

For example:
In a June 11 statement, the American Chemistry Council said it was committed to being part of the solution to marine litter, and also noted the commitment its members have made to reuse, recycle and recover 100 percent of plastic packaging by 2040, with interim goals by 2030.

Similar goals to Plastic Charter, so that's a positive.

And this:


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Tried adding this to the attached pic:

Here's to hoping this charter has a positive global impact.
Hmmm, can someone ask Chine to get involved?

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