Morgana major fold plate reset zero?


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Anyone have any ideas on zeroing the fold plates on a morgana major folder? Or what might be happening?
Its new to us, and I think its position on the belt is wrong... the dial is out of whack.. it will go 2, 3, 4, 3, 3, 4, 5, as you go from closed to open.. around the 3-5 inch area its out of whack and not reading properly.

Any suggestions welcome on how to service it or reset it at a zero point or something.


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Easy enough to open up the plates, just a couple of screws. There is a belt that can get loose and jumps teeth on the dial. Can't say I remember the readings behaving like that but worth opening up and see if anything obvious going on and if it needs tightening.


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Thanks! I did do that,.. Everything is nice and tight.. but I do think its been moved.. I am not sure how it registers the distance so thats why I either need to get it back to original start position, or reset the zero... cant find any documentation on it.


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Just a follow up I think ive isolated the main issue.. the small step motor of sorts that relays position seems faulty. took it out and as I turn it, there are a couple points where the numbers get all jumpy.

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