Most reliable CTP machine for a weekly tabloid?


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Good day all,i am seeking advice,
What do you think is the best suited CTP machine for a small weekly newspaper?


What is your estimated printing quantity? If it is less than 40k. Better to go to Thermal CTP. Otherwise voilet ctp. Kodak ctp is best one.


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For weekly newspaper any CTP can do.
I would choose machine with quick and not expensive service support and widely available spare parts.


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As a service company here in Florida I can tell you without a doubt that Screen or a Screen rebranded by Fuji and AGFA are without a doubt the most reliable, but also the least expensive to maintain.
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Yes ,but, we are a small weekly publication. We print less than 5000 copies of a 24 to 32 page tabloid .We use a 24X36 inches size plate


A 32-page tabloid, even if it’s entirely CMYK, is only 64 plates a week. At 5 minutes a plate, that’s a little over 5 hours of usage per week. Seems like you might be better off partnering with a nearby company (a trade shop or commercial printer or whatever) to get your plates made. Unless, of course, you can justify the purchase because of other work. Or if the nature of your publication is such that you may need plates super quick due to last-minute edits.

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