Multi page pdf folding


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Hi all.

I have a 2500 page doc that I need to print double sided and fold every 2 printed pages. I know I can split the pdf into 4 pages and print but I am wondering if I can do this in fiery without splitting the document.

I have a versant 80 with external fiery.



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Do you fold inline at the Versant? The Fiery should be able to allow you to impose for perfect binding with 4-page signatures, which should at least give you the output order you're looking for.
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bill kahny

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treat it like a multi page variable printing job. The Master (this time is blank) controls the folding with 4 pages pulled for the 2500 page doc. I do this for tax forms every year.


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Been a bit since I used a fiery but I believe you can just mark how many sheets per record under the VDP tab in fiery. I used to run variable booklets inline using that. Did not have to go through the process of setting up a vdp master and what not. (I.e my job would be 2000 sheets, then I would go to that tab and tell it that there were 4 sheets per record and it would tell then the fiery would break up the file up correctly). This was on a Ricoh 9200 w/inline plockmatic, imagine it would work similarly.

bill kahny

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I've never tried using the define record length without a master and veriable file defined. I may play around with that but I know creating a master and naming the big file as veriable will work.


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Thanks everyone, I will have a play about and give it a try. I just split them and printed them this time as my customer needed them asap but I do these semi regularly so if there is a way of speeding up the process I will take it,

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